Scooter - Animation Test

Trying to paint with Photoshop and animate using Photoshop and After Effects. First test - 'Scooter'

Animated GIF

The Awesome MRT Diaries

The first book in Adeline Foo's series 'The Awesome MRT Diaries' is up for release!
Thoroughly enjoyed illustrating this along with my friends Jeremy Chia and David Huang!

David's final design of Amos Wee

Rachel's initial and final designs

Can't wait to start work on book#2!

Update: Sketch

Here's the coloured version of sketchbook page I posted earlier.

Update: This won third place in the Asian Festival of Children's Content (AFCC) 2013, Singapore

Hippocampus Animation Workshop

Here are some photos from the animation workshop we conducted at the Hippocampus Library, Chennai, last week with 16 children between the ages of 8 and 12. We had a blast doing stop-motion and pixelation!

I am back

Like Miranda Priestly if you're wondering, "... Did she die or something?"
I didn't die. I'm back and I'm going to blog. 
Page from sketchbook today. 

Bits of paper

Stuck bits of paper on an empty sketchbook page and drew using them!

Painting Appu's Wall

One day we wanted to paint a wall. Appu's house had three empty large walls. She and her family agreed to let us paint it.

So Nacha, Janani, Radhika, Appu (Aparna) and I painted her three walls. Niketh filmed the process for us. 

Here's the video of us painting:

And we took pictures of and with the finished walls.